Implementing Globalization , Localization in MVC Razor

Implementing Globalization  , Localization in MVC Razor

 Short introduction:

Globalization  :  Tthe process of designing and developing application that functions in multiple cultures/locales.
(Adapting a global product for a multiple language)
Localization   :  The process of adapting a particular language. ie., which is comfortable to use in the target country.

In this post let we see how we implement Localization

Step 1 :   Add resource file to the application as show in below

Creating resource 1

Step 2 : Open Resources.resx fils and enter the key and value as like below screen


Note :  while saving the resource file ,we want to set the access specifier to access the resource name in the view

Step 3 :  Add the following code in the view

               View : Include reference on the top of the view page

@using MVCRazor.Properties
<div> @Resources.sampletext</div>


Step 4 : Run the application


Description :

1 ) @using MVCRazor.Properties  : importing the reference to the view

2) @Resources.sampletext :  @Resources is a name of the resource and sampletext be a key of the resource file

3) At runtime it will display the equlant value match for the key