Partial View in MVC

Intro to Partial View in MVC

A partial view is like as user control in Asp.Net Web forms that is used for code re-usability.Partial views helps us to reduce code duplication

simply, partial view is a child-view/sub-view that you can include in a parent view

Step 1 :

Creating a MVC project by clicking NewàProject


Step 2:

After selecting the project , and select visual c# with ASP .NET MVC 4 Web Application and change the name of the project and location then click ok button


Step 3:

After  clicking ok it will open new wizard for choosing type of the application and engine. In that choose internet application and razor engine(what ever engine u going to use) and click ok


Step 4:

After clicking ok, the solution will structured like below screen


Step 5:

Now we going to create partial view to the default view(ie., index). Right click the Home folder as like below image and choose view option


Step 6:

After selecting view it will move to next wizard. In that choose Engin type and name of the partial view and click the “Create as a partial view” and click add button


Step 7:

Create sample paragraph inside the partial view and save


Step 8:

Call the partial view in the index by using @Html.Partial(“HeaderPartial”). “HeaderPartial” be the name of the partial view


Step 9:

Press F5 and see the content of partial view in the index view



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